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CT Scan

CT Scan/Diploma in x-ray Technology

Usually, an x-ray technician is associated with entry-level practitioners within the medical field. Preparing patients for an x-ray shot process by explaining every step of the test and instructing the patient to get rid of jewelry, clothes and every other item that could obstruct the x-ray from passing through the body is the main duty of the x-ray technicians. They’re then needed to perfectly place the patient so that they can get the best possible picture of the affected region. Additionally, they adjust the equipment to concentrate on the particular region of the body as essential.
We offer

1. DIPLOMA IN X-RAY TECHNOLOGY (2 YEARS) Qualification: 12th pass (science group)
2. X-RAY TECHNICIAN (1 YEAR ) 10th/ 12th pass/fail
x-ray related courses

C.T SCAN TECHNICIAN (1 YEAR) Qualification: 10th/12th Pass/Fail

MRI SCAN TECHNICIAN (1 YEAR) 10th/12th pass/fail